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Name: Double Electro
Real name: DPEW-01 (short for Double Powered Electrologic Weapon)
Side: Villains(?)
Server: Freedom
Level: 50
Gender: Male
ArchType: Brute
Origin: Technology
Primairy Powers: Elec Melee
Secondary Powers: Elec Armor
Travelpower: Fly
Epic&Pool Powers: Mu Mastery & Flight, Fitness, Medicine, Speed

Biography: Double Electro is a robotic humanoid created by a (yet) unknown scientist, who Double only knows as Master or Creator. The original plan of his Creator was he would be build to replace the void his oldest son left behind after he and the mother died in a car-accident. However later on in the progress of making Double, the Creator got more and more trouble from other scientists and enemy-groups like Crey and even Malta. Thus the Creator changed his mind and finished creating him for home choirs and guarding the laboratory and his Creator and the other son.

In order for DPEW-01 -Double Electro’s real name- to do his choirs without having to get orders 24/7, Creator designed a special AI, so Double can make decisions of his own. At first it went like the Creator designed Double for, however after a while Double somehow appeared to develop some out of the ordinary data. Since Double didn’t know any better, he kept on following whatever his Creator programmed for. Since Creator didn’t know what the data was, he labelled it corrupted. But since he somehow could not delete it yet the data didn’t seem to affect Double, he decided not to deactivate him for Creator needed him to guard the lab.

After a while however thanks to the ‘corrupted data’ Double started to crave to learn more about what’s going on outside of lab. So he started to sneak out more and more and learned there’s more to life than just following orders. He wanted to make a difference in the world, so he started to do mercenary-jobs whenever his Creator is asleep or away and got the reputation of “Cocky mercenary that can bluff and make up for it”.

Unfortunately when Creator found out about his trips outside and what he’s been doing there, he locked Double up until he created a special program that would disallow Double to do things without Creator’s permission.

Since Double already made his reputation as a mercenary, Creator decided to use that to his advantage and made Double do the jobs on behalf of his Creator. Thanks to the money Double gained, Creator soon was able to fund more or his projects. This resulted into Creator getting more and more obsessed with his work and stopped caring about anything else. This allowed Double to get to know the youngest son of the Creator. Double learned from the kid that there’s also love, compassion, honor, nature and the other good things about life. This made him want to help people and such with his mercenary-jobs rather than just to gain things for his own well-being and that of his Creator.

When he found out about the meeting with the heroes, he created a program to lock the one that is keeping him from doing whatever he really wants to do. Unfortunately the other program had a security in it that forced itself back to work after two hours, so he didn’t have much time to do whatever he thought he needed to do: seek help in Paragon City. However his reputation of being as mercenary for an evil scientist had even reached to there, so the Heroes were hesitant of Double’s honesty. However the main reason why they sent Double back to his Creator was that they thought a robotic should not disobey the Creator’s orders.

Also Recluse gave Creator an offer he did not want to refuse in exchange Double would so Recluse's bidding once in a while.

So now -whenever he is not ordered to do a job for his Creator or Recluse's- he tries to help people out in the hopes the Heroes might some day consider helping him get out of his Creator's grasp and thus being able to join the Heroes in the fight against evil…

I won't be updating this evertime I decide to change one costume, so one or two may be/get outdated. The 'Randomly changed' is most bound to be changed whenever I get new costume-pieces, whether from veteran rewards or patches ;)

His currently most used costume. The white in his belt actually is goldish now ^^""

Inspiration/Design: Powers - I've always been fascinated by electricity and thunder/lightning. So much power in only a very short time when it comes to thunder and so many things work on electricity.
Considering I'm more a Melee Type with some def/res, I haver never gotten a Blaster past level 10. So when they introduced Brutes, I just HAD to make an Elec/Elec one.
Looks - What has my interest more than electricity, is robotics and robots with 'souls' in specific. With the AI advancing more and more I don't doubt that one way we will have robots walking around with feelings/emotions and the ability to make decisions of their own to a point they could be considered to be alive (now you also know where I got my interest in the Megaman X series and why my website is called Robot Souls :P).
Considering I wanted to have a character that is a robotic with the said 'requirements' I gave Double a mostly humanoid look. This allows him to walk around inbetween the humans, yet have the abilities of a robot. However his Powered Up Mode gives him (supposedly) more flightspeed and more power, because his armor is an intregation with his body. In other words aside from protecting him, it also boosts his abilities (... supposedly, considering it's just a costume ingame without boosts :P)


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