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Name: Vee Rago
Real name: Vee Rago
Server: Freedom
Level: 50
ArchType: Scrapper
Origin: Natural
Primairy Powers: Katana
Secondary Powers: Super Reflexes
Travelpower: SuperSpeed
Gender: Female
Epic&Pool Powers: Body Mastery & Speed, Fitness, Jump, Concealment

Biography: Vee Rago was born as a humanoid Mouse on a planet called Gio, a common species there on that planet. Her father (Gironi Rago) died in an attack, when the Vee's mother (Alina Rago) was pregnant of her. Two months before Vee should have born, her mother got complitations and in order for Vee to survive, Alina had to give birth now. Unfortunately it was so straining for Alina, that she died. At first they thought the child didn't make it too, but soon Vee took her first breath. Wyling, a good friend of Vee's deceased father decided to adopt Vee. He taught everything he knew and learned her the ways of a Gio Warrior (somewhat like a Samurai from their world).
Wyling noticed as a very early age she was already wiser and faster than the average person of her age, thus called her Vee (v is the physics symbol of Velocity). Though Wyling was strict, but equitable, he never really allowed Vee to make friends, thus she developped a personality where she only says something when she has something important/vital to say.
At the age of fourteen, Wyling gained a mysterical and deadly decease. Vee took care of him and while he was asleep, Vee kept on training by herself.
In the early morning of Vee's sixteenth birthday Wyling passed away, but left behind a letter addressed to Vee. It said:

" You're now much better than I ever could have been. Though you we're not my real daughter, I'm sure more than proud on what you've achieved. Now I ask you to go to a building to the far south of the city of Nedaho. Just give the letter included to a Mouse called Gen. Arickonias, and they'll more than gladly will accept you.
I know you're probably thinking why the heck I'm asking you to go to the building of the G.S.G.U.? Well... maybe I've been selfish to keep you here on your own. It is time for you to meet people, who have the same goal as you and me.
I know you don't feel well with meeting other people, so take your time before you go there. Just don't wait too long. It is my last wish for you to join them...
Good luck and have fun, Vee. I'm sure you'll do just fine."

After she buried Wyling behind the cottage on the land, she went to the G.S.G.U, Gio Special Galaxial Unit and did what Wyling asked her to. Wyling's name was legendary at the G.S.G.U. for he won with Gironi Rago (Vee's biological father) many battles on behalf the Mouse race and retired after his partner, Gironi, died in battle. When they found out Vee was personally trained by Wyring, they were more than gladly to get her into the team. Because she never really had that much contact with other people, she tended to not trust everyone 'just to be on the safe side'. So other than training Vee to the Galaxial Unit's way, her team also had the job to gain her trust. It took a bit, but she became local friends with her other three teammembers and she loosened up to the others.
After she was fully adepted, she and the rest of the team went to Earth to help. Because the Mice that came down to Earth before made people be scared of their looks, she had made a human disguise for herself (a human holographic projection, which follows her exact movement and usage of powers), so she can do her job with the humans without making them nervous. Due to a yet unknown weapon being used during an ambush, her holopgraphic projection got densified and now she is unable to get out of her human looks. During that same battle she lost her teammates, who got disintrigrated.
She contacted about the loss of her teammates and the fact her holopraph is broken. They wanted to call her back, so they could fix the holograph and put her in another team, but she refused. She's determined to finish her duty first on behalf of her deceased teammembers, even if it means to stay looking like a human. She even took the job as being an ambassador or her planet.

I won't be updating this evertime I decide to change one costume, so one or two may be/get outdated. The 'Randomly changed' is most bound to be changed whenever I get new costume-pieces, whether from veteran rewards or patches ;)

Randomly changed Stealth-mode Normal Action/Regular (most used) SG costume

Inspiration/Design: Powers - Vee's inspired by both my Bikermice from Mars fancharacter and my only Megaman X fancharacter when it comes to the powerchoices.
Looks - She is a Anthropomorphic mouse stuck in a human holographic projection (see bio for more info)
Her main costume is actually inspired by my own favorite outfit (in RL XD). She really has brown hair, but when she focusses on her speed ability, her hair turns white. This happens even with her holographic projection, considering the human projection is made to reflect herself as a mouse, but then as a human. Since there are no good mouse ears (yet... no, the Rat ears are too pointy :P) ingame, I've decided the "holograph being stuck"-thing to keep her looking as human... Until good mouse ears/heads will be ingame of course.
I've chosen her to be a Mouse furry, because my Chinese sign is Rat/Mouse. She is NOT a Bikermouse from Mars :P She in fact comes from another solar system.


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