Name: They know me as Virago, Vee for short
Age: 24 (maybe older, depending how often I remind myself to update this ^^"")
Current Residence: Holland
Jobs/education: Currently I am following a high-grade Mechanical Engineering college and also have a job of being a freelance webdesigner. Right now I prefer to keep drawing mainly as a hobby, but that may change in the future ;)
Hobbies: Drawing, web designing, gaming, biking, biking (but on a motorcycle XD), repairing and building vehicles and robotics...
Interests: Megaman and its counterpart Megaman X, BMFM (Bikermice from Mars), City of Heroes & City of Villains, motorcycles of course (with a preference of Harley Davidson), anime&manga, games, mythology, movies, fooling around/pranking, nature...
Hates: Plagiarism, polka (no offense >.> )
Favorite music: Any kind of rock
Favorite music artist/band: Mosquito Milk, Showtaro, Metallica, Dragonforce, many more
Favorite movie: Matrix trilogy, though lately I am more into comicbook-movies like that of Transformers and Ironman too
Favorite game: Megaman X Command Mission, but also City of Heroes/Villains
MSN: Yep, but I'm not gonna add people, unless I know them well
AIM: Same thing as above
Personal quote: When it's too cute, it must be evil!
Sites with my stuff:

Why I called the site Robot Souls...

I've always been fascinated by robotics. When I got my hands on Megaman X, I fell in love with the fact that those robotics called Reploids have the ability to make decisions on their own and have feelings. It's almost as if they have a soul. Thus I came with the title Robot Souls.

This website is mainly to share my artworks and other things that I've made. Started as a measly website somewhere on topcities and having to deal with the banners and pop-ups and still had a stupid title "Virago's Gallery", I later moved the site to where I first had "Bikermice On Mars" (an informatic BMFM website), which later became Codename: Blue Bomber, which is now known as Maverick Hunters Database. Robot Souls back then first actually got the title Robot Souls. I later wanted to make it a php-site with more than only my artworks, but the host didn't allow php, so I moved it to the host of Maverick Hunters Database. After a while the host kicked me off, because it didn't have its security in order and thus my site got hacked. After a while I kind of gave up trying to keep spending time on MHD and focused on my own website -Robot Souls- instead. Yes, I made a lot of websites, but that gave me the experience to keep on trying to make better websites.

Now having many projects in progress this site is still growing with artworks, projects and the useful tutorials and so on. I'm not planning on quitting with drawing, so this site won't be closed either as far as I'm concerned ;).