Considering I'm a poor student, I'm offering myself to let people commission me. I do need to pay for the drawing-tools of course, and for that I need money. I'm also saving up for a trip to the USA, but more importantly the usual rent, water, food, etc also needs money, so any (extra) income's appreciated. I'm really cheap too in the hopes people will more likely commission me ;)

Art commissions | Webdesign

::// W E B D E S I G N

Yes, my own websites I always design and code all by myself. Believe it or not, but I often do it by hand too. No fancy-pansy programs that do the work for you, just notepad and a bit of FrontPage to do the spelling-check and to check everything is in order -which often does-. Because I code the pages by hand I am now quite experienced in html, JavaScript, dhtml and a bit of php. Also because of my experience in digital artworks, I can also do my share of layouts ;)

::// Webdesign & layouts

I am open to do (personalized) layouts for both companies and personal websites. Either I can create the layout and hand you the psd-file, an example page and the rest of the files, or I am also willing to make the layout  and maintain your website too for an additional small fee per page. One warning though: I am not going to personally write the text. I am only making the layout and put the content that you (or someone that you have hired) write in it.

Also if your company (or you) happens to have no logo of its own yet, I can create one for you. All I need to know what your company (or whatever you want the logo for) stands for and the exact name and I will make three logos within two weeks where you can choose from. If you are completely not satisfied, I will try to make another three for free. If you also want me to make a layout or website -see previous paragraph-, I will use that logo in in the layout. Of course by 'hiring' my to make the logo, you and your company will have all permission to use it wherever you want/need. It would be appreciated though if you credit me.

::// Prices

Splash page: Not required, but nice to have.
*1: prize per page, 'little content'  means for example text with a maximum of 3 sections and one picture, give or take. this also includes only pages with big texts that I can just copy&paste without too many alterations
*2: prize per page, 'much content'  means for example big galleries with more than ten examples with text and/or photos
*3: if you have artworks or a specific photo or other picture that you want in the layout, then don't forget to mention this to me
*4: Please note that it requires extra times for me to create the art. For more info go to the ART COMMISSIONS

  Price Splash- page Add. page with little content *1 Add. page with much content *2
Logo design $10.00 N/A N/A N/A
Simple layout $15.00 $3.00 N/A N/A
 - - - layout + code content $15.00 $3.00 $1.00 $1.75
Advanced layout *3 $25.00 $5.00 N/A N/A
 - - - layout + code content *3 $25.00 $5.00 $1.50 $2.50
Layout with artwork made by me *4 $40.00 $5.00 N/A N/A
 - - - layout + code content *4 $40.00 $5.00 $1.50 $2.50

With me coding the content too you will get three pages with 'little content' for free.

By agreeing I will do the layout you will acknowledge you or anyone else will re-use the layout or delete the "designed by"-part without my consent.

::// Contact me

If you want to commission me for webdesign, email me at maverick_hunters [at] hotmail [dot] com with the subject RS webdesign (no subject or other subject means I'll ignore it).

Include in the mail:
 - Your name
 - What exactly you want:
 --- if logo: name of company or personal website and what it stands for
 --- if layout: simple style or advanced & whether splash-page or not
 --- if layout: if splash-page: good clear picture of logo or see "if logo"
 --- if content too: estimated number of pages and if it contains pictures of examples or photos
 - OR your question/suggestion/remark about this webdesign-offer


I won't start until I have received your money!