Considering I'm a poor student, I'm offering myself to let people commission me. I do need to pay for the drawing-tools of course, and for that I need money. I'm also saving up for a trip to the USA, but more importantly the usual rent, water, food, etc also needs money, so any (extra) income's appreciated. I'm really cheap too in the hopes people will more likely commission me ;)

Art commissions | Webdesign

::// A R T   C O M M I S S I O N S

As you probably have noticed I am an artist. While I am not the best of the best yet, I am willing to offer you personalized artworks by me. Right now I'm only going to draw characters, but once I'm more progressed in backgrounds and sceneries, I might also offer to do more than just characters ;)

::// What I DO NOT draw

- I will not draw official (canon) characters, unless specifically given permission to me personally by the respective owner of the anime/cartoon, manga/comic, (video)game, and so on.
- I will not draw porn/hentai. Not my style, not my doing, 'nough said.
- I will not draw R-rated stuff for commissioning. A little blood is okay, but no violence/gore.
- I will not draw anything discriminating towards any cult, religion, certain-skin-colored or gang. I'm not here to spread hatred, so keep me out of it.
- I will not draw more than 4 characters per commission. I suck too much at groupshots x.x
- I will not draw full body animal shots. Headshot is fine though.

::// Other Information

- Three commissions at once will grand a discount of 25% of total prize (excluding possible shipping costs).
- Be warned that the printingservice is down at the moment. This means I won't be able to send you the piece unless it's drawn/colored traditionally.
- The prizes are excluding shipping-costs
- Payways are paypal, banktransfer (IBAN&BIC/SWIFT outside Holland), cash through mail (at your own risk).
- Currency accepted: US Dollars and Euros
- You are allowed to ask me how far the commission's progress is, but just don't ask too often.
- I usually have a commission finished within two-four weeks, depending how busy I am for school and the amount of effort needed for the commission. Of course, if I'm not busy, I may be able to finish it within the two weeks ;)
- Keep in mind I do not that that much experience in backgrounds yet. Quality of it may not be that good ^^""

::// Prices

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::// Shipping costs

- Of course these prizes only apply to pieces on paper, not on file!
- More than one prints and/or commissions at once? Then you only need to pay for one (highest)!
-Note that CG and inking (I ink digitally) currently has no "on paper" version
Zone Standard Insurance
Outside Europe

::// Contact me

If you want to commission me, email me at maverick_hunters [at] hotmail [dot] com with the subject RS commissions (no subject or other subject means I'll ignore it).

Include in the mail:
 - Your name
- How I can contact you (e-mail, AIM)
 - What exactly you want:
 --- Which character(s)
 --- Reference art of the certain character (NO SPRITES!)
 --- which kind (sketch, ink, traditional, CGI, number of characters, background, etc),

 - OR your question/suggestion/remark about my commissioning


I won't start until I have received your money!