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Why the title Robot Souls?
I've always been fascinated by robotics. When I got my hands on Megaman X, I fell in love with the fact that those robotics called Reploids have the ability to make decisions on their own and have feelings. It's almost as if they have a soul. Thus I came with the title Robot Souls.

Can I use any of the tutorials. artworks, or any other content?
Whatever is on this website may not be reposted anywhere else without my permission or without credit. You may use the tutorials, but do not claim it your own. If you would post your artwork, etc, that you used my tute for, then please credit me :3 You may not alter, use or abuse my artwork and claim it your own. CREDIT ME! It's my blood, sweat and tears that go into them and just re-using them doesn't make that effort of mine just dissapear.

Can I use any specific html/php-codes?
From the layout itself no. All of the codings in my layout are written by me. The html/php-codes that are in the code-tutorials you may use of course as long as you don't go and claim as if they're all yours :P.

May I direct-link/hotlink?
No, you may not. The only page you should make link to is the Index/splash-page. However, if you really do want to link to an artwork or whatever, you have to link to the page where it is on. DO NOT DIRECT-LINK/HOTLINK TO ANY OF MY PICTURES ONTO OTHER SITES OR FORUMS OR WHATEVER!

Do you take requests, art trades, collabs or commissions?
Check this entry out for the current statusses

Can you make a layout for me?
I am currently not making free layouts for anyone. Should you want me to make a layout, then e-mail me with an offer.

Where can I give my suggestions, questions, remarks...?
Go to the contact-section for my email.

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