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[::// July 18, 2010 ]
Added a link to my DA page here on this page, since my DA gallery is updated a lot more often than this website :X

[::// October 15, 2008 ]
As you may have noticed Robot Souls has got a more final layout. Do not worry though. It's not just a face-lift. With this new layout I am able to finally code the content, so I took the liberty to open up most of the content. I also editted the e-mail address on the contact-page, because since hardly anyone e-mails me I decided to stop 'wasting time' on checking two inboxes instead of just my regular e-mail's inbox. I will check my older e-mail for another while just in case, but please use my new e-mail instead to contact me about this website or commissioning ;)

Feel free to browse around, but don't forget: my stuff is only for personal use. Do not use/relink/claim anything without my permission :P

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